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Las Vegas Real Estate 


by Lisa

Staging your home with the proper furniture.   

When selling a home the one thing we always tell our clients is to stage your home right. This means get get rid of the clutter. Remove unnecessary furniture and in some cases go to the furniture store to buy furniture. 

For us it's almost always going furniture store shopping, after all even though your home many not be a model home we wanted to have the atmosphere of one. Going to a furniture store in Las Vegas is not so hard, but going to the right Las Vegas furniture stores can be a make it or break it situation. This can in fact be a very stressful ordeal. However if you go to my favorite furniture store Las Vegas retailer you'll likely be relieved and reassured you made the right move. 

How To Stage Your Home.        

​ As most professionals in the furniture stores Las Vegas designers industry would tell you, keep the rooms with less furniture as possible. The reason for this is that rooms with less furniture look like bigger rooms. As a matter of fact when I did my first home staging I was told by Half Price Furniture stores of Las Vegas who is now my favorite Las Vegas furniture store company, that having light color furniture with as little furniture as possible will always make the room look bigger than any other way. People have the tendency to think that their furniture is the best and not realizing that in most cases your furniture is not a neutral look, meaning it could only go one way ''you like it or you don't. When going with a style that is light colors and not an overwhelming amount of furniture and clutter it allows people to use their imagination of how they would want it to be with their taste. Furniture stores who know their home staging techniques will always point our how hotel rooms are so small but in most cases are not cluttered allowing people to feel comfortable. Where in all reality hotel rooms are less than 400 sq ft. 

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