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by Lisa

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What can a general contractor do for me and my new home?  

The first thing you need to do before hiring a Las Vegas general contractor is make sure they are licensed with the Nevada Contractors Board. This means no hiring a contractor that's not licensed properly as that could lead to many issues including a structure that not allowed by law. And by hiring a licensed general contractor in Las Vegas that could also help you in the event there are issues and the contractors board could come in and help you. 

 Another step you should take is looking into the Las Vegas general contractors back ground with other client, this means maybe calling the BBB or checking company reviews ( like on Yelp, Houzz, Diamond Pages). 

Now that we thought of some of the basics when it comes to choosing a general contractors Las Vegas service providers lets talk about what a Las Vegas general contractor might do for us when purchasing a home.

In some cases a home might be put up for sale at a much lower price than you might see other homes in the area, in some cases it's because the home might need some renovations or some major construction. Either way as long as the price of the home plus the work that needs to be done come up financially okay with what you want you might bring in a general contractor to give you an estimate on what the work would cost you that way you should have a less chance of a surprise. 

Many general contractors in Las Vegas are happy to do it at no cost as this could end up being a job for them. In some cases you could bring contractors that each does a particular type of job/repair but you will need to be very coordinated as these contractors each have their own schedule with no time to waste. That's why many people choose to hire a general contractor as this purely falls on him and his multiple hired teams. 

I hope this has helped you with some ideas on how to hire a Las Vegas general contractor and if you have additional info that we should add on please send to me at 

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