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Las Vegas Real Estate 


by Lisa

How important is it to hire a locksmith Las Vegas company to rekey a rental between tenants? 

As a rule I always say that people can remove liability for a very small price. It's so easy to call a Las Vegas locksmith company as required by law and eleminate the old key that the previous tenant had. There's no reason why a real estate company in Las Vegas would think it's ok to allow a previous tenant to be able to come and go once the lease is no longer in effect. So please obey the law and keep people safe and call a local Las Vegas locksmith and have it rekeyed.


As a Real Estate company in Las Vegas we have many companies on board to help us out with many things. But one of the most important things is our clients security and that's why we have a Locksmith Las Vegas service available through Half Price Locksmith of Las Vegas.

It's important to us that every property is properly secured for our sellers as well as for our renters. In fact we have our Las Vegas locksmith company re-key every rental property between renters moving out and in.

We have been using Half Price Locksmith of Las Vegas for years and have a very close relations with them as well as many other great companies lined up for all our clients.

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