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by Lisa

Does Solar Energy on Your Home Make Your Home More Valuable? 

As the world starts to switch to solar energy power little by little it's questions like this that keeps coming up. In Florida there's a company by the name of Fidelity Solar Energy Of Boca Raton that has customers that are buying solar energy systems for two major reasons. One is, that people want to save on money in the long run. And two, people want to know that if they buy a solar energy for their home that the home will go up in value. Fidelity Solar Energy Of Boca Raton say we are not legally allowed to tell you how much your home is worth with or without a solar energy in Boca Raton or anywhere else but if you do your own research you'll find that there's many article about that. 

For example, CNBC has an article that says  -Installing solar power panels on your home not only helps to reduce monthly power bills, it can potentially increase the home’s value by up to 4% more than comparable homes with no solar energy according to Zillow recent research. And all though Fidelity says they can't say that it would be the same when getting solar energy in Boca Raton Florida they do believe that it's probably somewhere around the same results as most cities. 

​Another positive feedback came form the Appraisal Institute the nation’s largest professional association of real estate appraisers who had announced its support for a new tool that will assist appraisers and others seeking to establish the value of a property’s solar power energy. This does tell us that solar energy power does raise the value of homes and although every home is different there is value to the matter. 

It should also be said that companies like Fidelity Solar Energy of Boca Raton are not trying to sell solar energy in Boca Raton to raise your home value rather they are trying to help you stop relying on the Power Company. 

That being said we should know that many people might prefer buying a home that already has solar energy rather than not. It does lower the power bill and it does allow you to put your money toward other things. 

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