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There is nothing closer to your family than your home sweet home.  And as far as ownership goes it's the most personal thing you'll ever purchase or sell. So it's imperative when it comes time to hire a Las Vegas Real Estate agent that the service should be personalized and caring .  Our clients, whether buyers or sellers, don't feel like a number when they work with Lisa Lucas's Real Estate services.  We make them feel like family. 

Nevada Asset Preservation & Management strives to keep up with market changes and to treat its customers with the utmost courtesy and concern.

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How To Evaluate Homes For Sale In Las Vegas.

As any Las Vegas Real Estate agent will tell you this is no easy task but if using an agent that has the proper experience you will have a much better shot at getting it right. The first step is to take into consideration the location and what the closings have been in the last 30 to 60 days. Take notice of how many homes are for sale currently, if there's to many than the price should definitely be negotiated down. You should also evaluate the quality of the zoned schools, this could help when trying to sale the home at a later date. Take notice if the home conforms to the houses around it. You don't want to be the only house on the block with one car garage if all the other homes have two or three.

  These are just the simple steps of Real Estate evaluation but if you're serious about buying a home or an investment property call Lisa at 702-328-3589 and see how a true professional can get you an evaluation from different aspects of your investment.

What Do You Get With Lisa? 

When you hire Lisa to be your Las Vegas Real Estate Agent you get a whole lot more than just a Real Estate Agent. With Lisa you get your own personal Broker. Not every Real Estate agent in Las Vegas has the experience that Lisa has. As a Real Estate Agent Lisa has over 25 years as a true professional in the field. Lisa has been a Broker since 2003 with hundreds of closing transactions in sales and rental properties. As a Real Estate Agent in Las Vegas Lisa has trained other Real Estate agents on how to be professional in her field of expertise and had become a certified integrity system trainer. As short sale certified specialist her team has successfully negotiated and closed 100's of Real Estate properties in Las Vegas during what could be called the most challenging times of Real Estate. In addition to all that Lisa was listed as a top 10% selling agent by one of the biggest Franchise Real Estate agencies before opening up her own Las Vegas Real Estate Agency where she has implemented everything from great ethics to having her company named LAS VEGAS TOP 100 DIAMOND AWARD WINNING COMPANY.

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